Octoplus Information Solutions
Octoplus Information Solutions

Octoplus offers consultation on:
IT Management
Octoplus specialises in IT services for Small and Medium Enterprises. We offer superior IT consulting, support and maintenance solutions. We offer onsite (mainly in Gauteng, but can be negotiated) and/or offsite consulting and support.

Contact us if:
  • your company does not have the resources to support your IT needs and you require an IT professional or team to assist;
  • you have IT personnel, but you are lacking management that is needed to supervise processes;
  • you require advice on the development of IT policies, guidelines, processes,etc.
Information Evolution Assessment
Are you considering installing a Business Intelligence solution? Let Octoplus conduct an Information Evolution Assessment and assist you in defining an enhanced information-delivery strategy with a prioritisation roadmap for deployment.

Web presence and website usage
Octoplus performs in-depth website evaluations. We assess the usability, functionality, online footprint and efficiency of websites.

If you require a successful online presence, Octoplus has the skill and required experience to assist you. Octoplus can develop or improve your website with our unique approaches to web development and usability. Let Octoplus draw up an information architecture for your company and develop a website that reflects your corporate image.

We also offer analysis of website usage statistics and trends.

Data warehousing and data mining
No business intelligence can have effect without a central integrated information store. The central information store must contain all the information and data that makes up your company and in order to be able to report on activities and trends, the central store needs to be analysed. This type of analysis and reporting is essential in planning for the future.

Statistical methods and analysis
Octoplus has solid experience in statistical methods and analysis.

Contact us if:
  • you require advice on analysing your data;
  • you would like us to analyse and report on your data;
  • you require advice on statistical methods, SAS and SAS JMP software.

Octoplus Information Solutions
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