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Course Title Description Duration Level
JDRS13 JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments This course teaches you how to design and analyze experiments in JMP to find the vital few factors or optimize the process response. The course emphasizes the principles of experimental design while demonstrating classic approaches to screening designs and response surface designs. 2 Days Intermediate
JAMD14 JMP Software: Analyzing and Modeling Multidimensional Data This course is for JMP users who work with data that have many variables. The course demonstrates various ways to examine high-dimensional data in fewer dimensions, as well as patterns that exist in the data. Methods for unsupervised learning are presented in which relationships between the observations, as well as relationships between the variables, are uncovered. The course also demonstrates various ways of performing supervised learning where the relationships among both the output variables and the input variables are considered. In the course, emphasis is on understanding the results of the analysis and presenting conclusions with graphs. 2 Days Intermediate
JATX14 JMP Software: Exploring and Analyzing Patterns in Text Data This course teaches you how to find and analyze patterns in textual data using Text Explorer in JMP Pro. A workflow is defined for effective and efficient exploration. Multivariate methods are applied to the frequency of terms after weighting and dimension reduction to capture relationships among important terms and phrases. 2 Days Intermediate
EJMPST JMP Software: Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving This course is for anyone seeking to develop core competency in applied problem-solving with data and statistics. It addresses the Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving certification exam content areas and tasks. This e-learning course consists of seven modules, totaling 25 to 30 hours of learning. Three modules are available now. The remaining modules will be released throughout the first half of 2019. You can take one module or take them all. Each module includes short instructional videos, JMP demonstrations, questions, and exercises. Access to JMP software is provided online for the course, along with the JMP Start Statistics eBook and other resources. 25 hours Self-Paced e-Learning
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